Components of Your Bicycle

bicycle componentsEvery bike is designed, engineered and constructed to provide maximum vehicular efficiency. There are a multitude of bike companies actively involved in manufacturing quality bicycles. However, in the occurrence of damage and repair companies usually charge hefty amounts just to get things done. Pimping or fixing up bicycles isn’t too complicated a job that would require an engineer’s or technician’s attention. Since it doesn’t involve the use of motors and electricity, repairing any broken bike is a cinch.

Usually problems arise when certain parts or bicycle components are in need of repair. For cycling enthusiasts, as well as professional cyclists, a familiarity with a bicycle’s anatomy is an important must-know. The parts of a bike can be categorized based on their location. The front set includes the handlebar grip, head tube, shock absorber, front brakes and fork. The handlebar grip is used to manipulate the bike’s direction as well as provides stability for the bike and balance to the biker. The head tube is the part of the bike usually enhanced in order to attain a more rigid and equally higher steering precision. The shock absorber is unique to bikes with suspensions. It minimizes the incurred impact by controlling the rebound of these suspensions, which is very crucial in the case of head-on collisions. The front brakes are responsible for stopping and slowing down, in the case of too steep terrains, or uncomfortable speeds. The fork is the one responsible for integrating the front set of parts to the bike’s framework.

The saddle area comprises the saddle and the seat post. The saddle can be adjusted—heightened or lowered depending on the biker’s volition. Mountain bikers often prefer to have their saddles placed high, in order to increase the momentum of their thigh muscles, as well as lessen the strain on their knees.

The wheel area is composed of the spokes, hub, rim, tire and valve. Spokes are the lattice-like structure found at the wheels, and is the one connecting the rim of the bike to the hub, which is the central part of the wheel. Hubs can either be adjustable or non-adjustable, depending on the bike’s model. The valve is the place where the air passes through in order to enter the tires.

The framework of the bike, its skeletal system so to speak, includes the top tube, down tube, seat tube, seat stay and chain stay. This is analogous to a car’s chassis, wherein this frame of metal, usually alloys, holds the bike parts together. The rear set includes the rear brakes, cogset and rear derailleur. And for the set that is responsible for the bike’s motion in the first place, the front derailleur, the chain, chain rings, the pedal and the crank arm.

Common bike problems usually range from flat tires, loose or slipped chains and loose bolts. All of these can be easily remedies by pumping up some air in the tires, meticulously placing the chains back or tightening up the bolts with a wrench. Some squeaking noises can be associated to too much dry tension, for that a dose of lube would do the trick. Occasionally, other problems may resurface such as the constant creaking sound coming from the bicycle’s wheels or pedals. Usually this creaking sound may mean that one or more of the spokes of the bike had gone loose. For the pedal, the possible case is that the crankarm bolts needs to be tightened.

For severe bike problems wherein bicycle components are in need of full replacement, they can easily be bought at the store and be incorporated by a nearby mechanic. There are certain cases wherein the bike has become too faulty and would require an overall system revamp. For that, it would be best to either purchase the entirety of spare parts, or replace the bicycle completely.

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